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Bombay-based Rohit is the only son of a multi-millionaire widow of Shankar Dayal Walia. She would like to get him married, but Rohit is more interested in alcohol, dancing courtesans, and late nights out with his friends. Disappointed, his mom talks to him and asserts that he look after the family business and get married. This talk has a considerable effect on Rohit and he decides to assist his mom run the business, so for starters, he goes to picturesque Pallampur to supervise and assess the situation. Once there he meets with a stunningly beautiful young woman, Tania, the niece of Dr. Lall Jaiswal, and both fall in love with each other. Both plan to get married, however, they have an accident and end up getting hospitalized. When Rohit is discharged he finds out to his shock and disbelief that Tania has left Palampur in the company of her dad. Efforts to locate her are in vain. When he returns to Bombay, he finds that his mother had picked Tania to get married to him. Thrilled both … Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

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